The advert I chose depicts a women’s perfect body, suggesting that through plastic surgery you can achieve the same result. What I found interesting about this ad, is the fact that it tries to touch upon one of the most sensitive feelings many women have, and mainly the confidence about the way they look. As we have read in the text by Kathy Davis, the world of Hollywood and the celebrities making part of it, represent the cultural favourites of the female consumer and therefore are seen as the new cultural symbols. Because of the fact that women strive for a happy and glamorous life, celebrities are ideally suited to promoting the glamorous life that women aspire to, and of course the perfect body. Therefore, passing through a plastic surgery, women believe that they will achieve this result of having the ideal body, which also represents the message behind this advert—‘’ its is possible to have the figure you’ve always dreamed about, and thus, look like a model.
The advert makes use of the beauty concept, in order to persuade women into believing that by transforming their body, or achieving the image they’ve always strived for, they would regain the control over their lives and most importantly confidence. Unfortunately, women are trapped in this self-surveillance world of images, and as Kathy Davis mentions, by projecting an ideal image of the female body, a women is confronted with the imperfections of her own body, which is also the case of this advert.