In today’s society, we are being spoiled by the constant excessive choice that is given to us when we want to purchase any sort of product. As time has passed, various markets have grown from niches and have become accessible and affordable for many people. The cosmetic surgery market is booming like it has never boomed before, and this can only mean one thing: people don’t seem to be very happy with how they are... with who they are.

Today’s consumption society has lead us to spend money and change ourselves according to how we want to be, and ignore the nature of who we are and how we were designed by nature itself. This has to have negative effects on the body and the mind when it comes to figuring out one’s identity. Being able to alter one’s body can distort the perception of one’s body and self because of the unnatural action to have the option to be someone we are not. For our minds, we are designed a certain way, and we should be forced to accept the way we are, whether we are physically ugly or beatiful, far too short or way too tall. The accesibility to the thought: “This is how I look like, but I can always look different...” has to lead to an unnatural illusion of happiness.
Of course, this is all based on my negative perception of cosmetic surgery. I feel we should all accept who we are and be happy we were made that way. Of course, cosmetic surgery is absolutely necessary for those who really need it, and this is where a line should be drawn; cosmetic surgery can be used for the good of men, but also for the benefit of men. I agree with the help, but the benefits are usually self indulging.

This ad shows a satisfied, good looking woman in a bathing suit in the beach, with the “perfect” body that the western culture has shown us over and over again in ads through media. She seems to be happy and satisfied with her body, as she has no problem of being half naked in a beautiful, peaceful beach. This imagery can have a fast response to any person that sees this, rapidly acknowledging the positive characteristics of the image itself. This ad does not aim to be subliminal or subtle, but points out and big letters what they offer: “Breast enlargement: Feel great”. The ad tells us what they provide and how you will feel; brainwashing commencing at this point already. The ad then points out the latest technology by stating they will fit any woman with the “latest soft touch breast augmentation”, which obviously can attract any ‘blind’ consumer of today’s society who is interested in having the “latest” thing out there. They show us we can trust them by saying “with years of experience...”, which of course can calm any person down and allow them to make an easier decision. In conclusion, this ad deals with the influence of the body and the mind. The body is influences by wanting to become something the body is not, adding something that is missing, or perhaps removing something that is of excess. The fact that body can be changed is the main influence. Mind is also influences, however, as we are directly presented with the option to be “happy, satisfied and in peace” with our bodies, and how this is possible with the help of WEST ONE COSMETIC CLINICS. But is this ad, this clinic, supposed to improve body and mind? Improvement lies in the eye of the beholder, and each person must judge themselves if this is an improvement to themselves or not.